The Purpose of this Website

The purpose

The purpose of this website.
"A Multiple Listing Service" to go along with the accompanying Facebook Group and Facebook Page.
This website is here to help promote real estate listings in a specific geographical location, unlike other companies that want to showcase a huge number of listings all over North America.
So, why a website and not just Facebook? Facebook has it’s limitations. Our Facebook Groups could have a thousand or more people in it, making you believe that if your listing gets approved a thousand people or more will get notified of your listing. Well, its not true. Only a few people will get notified of your new listing and that would be a random set of people.
Here, on this website, designed by Istockhomes, we provide an open website where everyone can view your listings and an email list where everyone who wants to opt in can receive new listings as soon as they get approved.
There are a few limitations, that we, as the management of this website have to deal with and can not get around easily. The first is spam. Lots of people believe that they can promote “medications” on a real estate specific website and it will get them rich. In order to stop this spamming we have to have a fence to stop them. The first fence is that membership be required. The membership is simply a file folder where your listing get placed. If you happen to be someone promoting “medications” then your membership will be revoked and your entire file of listings will be removed.
The second fence is the approving of each individual listing. No one really wants to see homes that are for sale half way around the world. We have and are building more websites for those locations. Be patient they are coming!
With filtering down the listings to a specific few that fall into the file of useful geographically specific listings we have something of value that we can share with members who want to see the most recent listings as they become available.
There is a short time delay and obviously the person or people approving the listings will be the first person to see the latest listings even before they get approved. Other than the person approving, we want everyone to be able to receive the newest listing at the same time. That is sort of the goal of this website along with the other websites that are being built and maintained be Istockhomes.
Hopefully this website is useful to you as you venture to make your riches in real estate in this specific location.
If you want to see the latest websites and properties of Istockhomes in other areas, please go to where you will find all of our websites.
Lastly, We have an email list for those who want the latest listings as soon as they get approved. Please, return to the front page of this website and join the email list to get the latest listings.

Thank you for joining us
Brad Camp

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