Home Staging

July 11, 2022

Home staging, is in its simplest terms, just making a house look just livable enough to be believable. "The livable look" not "The lived-in look".

You may already know a bunch about home staging or you may know very little, but having a house that looks believably lived-in can help sell the house.

Here is where you can save some money. making a house look livable can be just adding a bed, a dresser, a coffee table some chairs, and some other items to set a place in a potential buyer's mind.

please keep in mind when selling a place that very few people can visualize a place as livable when the place is empty.

Used furniture can be just fine for the job. Attached is a shelving unit that was just sanded and painted a shade of green, it no longer shows scratches or dings even though it was built years ago. It's lightweight and easy to move in and out of a home. Perfect for home staging.

units like this shelving unit can be found everywhere if you keep your eyes open for them and a fresh coat of paint can make them look new.
On that note many paint stores have leftover paint that has been mis-tinted or returned for some reason, these mis-tints can be picked up for a very reasonable price. also, if you know any professional painters they always have piles of leftover paint from their various jobs.

If you know an artist who paints beautiful paintings they might also be willing to lend you a painting or two for a very reasonable price. Once staged be sure to take some good pictures for your listing.

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